A young photographer making waves
Portrait of Seonaidh on a track holding his camera
Fifteen year old Seonaidh MacInnes from Benbecula recently and accidentally discovered his flare for photography while out walking with his aunty.

By chance, on a clear, dark winter’s night he had overheard her talking about going out for a walk and decided to join her. Seonaidh brought his phone with him, set it up to look at Ben Kenneth over Gasaidh and strolled merrily on his way that evening.

Night sky photography on Uist featuring a delapidated stone building

It was only later, after their walk, when he got back home that he saw how his photography had come to light. Delighted with the star studded landscape that he’d captured, his father sent it to the BBC where it was featured online.

Since finding his new passion for photography Seonaidh, and his personal taxi driver (his father) have been taking photos of many local landmarks, and his main focus – the night sky. Seonaidh’s style of photography relies heavily on the weather conditions of the night and often he doesn’t know how his pictures will turn out until after his shoot. When out taking photos, the sky needs to be as dark and clear as possible, and it can take a while sitting in the cold and dark before he’s able to get the picture he wants.

Seonaidh and his father have been finding various locations and ‘money shots’ all around the island. “Dad actually used to be interested in photography so I think his interest has been rekindled with all of my photo taking. He’s actually been the one driving me to all the locations and giving me some framing tips, I’ve even been using his old tripod to hold my camera.”

Laptop for editing photos

Recently, Seonaidh has taken star studded photos of Our Lady of the Isles, the Griminish War Memorial, the Balivanich Water Tower as well as a romantic valentines special, featuring some ornaments from home. His photos have been a hit with locals and the wider world alike and his recent image of the three pillars at Poll na Crann has also been featured on the BBC website.

You can find Seonaidh’s photography online on the Facebook page, Penniloddan Photography, where it’s also available to buy. Look out for the possibility of a 2022 Pennilodden calendar.

Seonaidh editing photos on his laptop

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