A hand drawn illustration of a moonlit Uist landscape with watercolour style accents. There is a small house with a red roof in the foreground with a hill in the background.

A life in Uist is one of connection

Tha coimhearsnachd nan eilean sònraichte, seasmhach agus làidir: ‘s e seo dùthchas.

Tha beatha nan Uibhistich freumhaichte ann an ceanglaichean – ceanglaichean eadar na daoine, an fhearann, a’ mhuir agus an dualchas a tha cho làidir an seo.

The links between people, land, sea, and heritage make our island communities unique, resilient and strong. Everybody; from newborns to great grandparents, are connected not only to each other, but to the past and to the future – to the flow of vibrant island life.

Land sea & sky

Our archipelago of islands is a place like no other. Some of us are busy crofters, others are entrepreneurs. Our landscape varies from West to East with sweeping beaches and rocky hills. 

Uist is a place that shapes – and is shaped – by its landscape and inhabitants. To live here is to know that the people and the land belong to each other; that our history and heritage is alive all around us.

Whatever the Weather

Abair thusa gu bheil aimsir Uibhist beòthail.  Dèan fiughair ris a’ bhlàr a tha a-muigh agus bi deiseil, agus ‘s dòcha, deònach airson gach seòrsa sìde leis na lincichean gu h-ìosal.

Rolling clouds, stormy seas, blue skies and dreich days. Uist weather is wonderfully variable, unpredictable and untethered from the seasons.